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The Importance of Wedding Videography

I came across this article explaining why it is so important to have wedding videography, not just photography at your wedding. Here is a little bit of the article:

We’ve all sat through wedding videos, some were beautiful, others were painful. Some were too long, others were too short. Some videos were so fuzzy, you couldn’t really tell who was getting married. Others, you could see the participants, but not hear a thing. In order to capture a quality video, please, turn down Uncle Bud when he offers to pull out his camcorder.

I learned the hard way. My wedding videos were ruined by a family camcorder enthusiast who had no tripod, and couldn’t even hold the camera still. Everyone in the wedding looks like they are jumping around like neurotics. After 18 years, the marriage has lasted, but the videos are long gone. Despite various attempts to rehabilitate them, they are a lost cost.

I understand the importance of a quality video. Photographs capture a moment in time. They can be staged and many are copy-cat from wedding to wedding. Your wedding, however, is unique. You deserve to have memories captured in high quality that you can enjoy for years to come, and even share with your children.

Hire a professional videographer. I don’t mean someone who has a card and a camcorder and calls himself a videographer. I mean, find a professional service, with experience, to capture the very best of your wedding, and edit and compile a video you will be proud to share.

To read the whole article, you can access it at the link below.



A really good reason that you should trust Austin Pro Video to capture your wedding day with high quality video and audio is so you can share the special moment with your kids and grandkids to come. This is a time in your life that you will want to remember for a very long time. Book your wedding now!

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